Composer Quarters

Written January 12, 2019

In early December 2018, I had the opportunity to travel to Hamburg. While in Germany, I didn’t do much but to explore the the historic town and dig for records. Hamburg is home to the grand concert hall Elbphilharmonie, which I did not get a chance to visit. I did hear that there was a great view of the harbor from atop the roof. Hamburg paved the way for bands like The Beatles early on in their career and prolific composers like Brahms and Mahler. Continue reading →

Marnie at MetOpera

Last night, Halloween 2018, I decided to change the scenery and attend a new opera, entitled Marnie. I wanted to experience an institution’s version of a modern day commissioned work and what better way to do this by attending New York City’s own Metropolitan Opera. More specifically looking into the the production, reception and in general what a commission work means in today’s highly bombarded information age. Continue reading →