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For the past 2 weeks, Montez Press has been broadcasting on a pirate frequency in New York City’s Chinatown 88.1 FM, Hudson Valley’s WGXC 90.7, and at Mathew Gallery, NY. Previous years, they had thematic programs based around the Risograph and James Joyce’s Ulysses where they invited artists from around the world to join in creating works based on these themes. This year, the theme is radio.

With this unique opportunity to curate a summer program during a time when the New York art industry is vacationing wherever the hot and sandy beaches are, Montez has put together a highly concentrated month-long program, broadcasting 24 hours a day of audio arts, soundscapes, performances, DJs, and talks.

The program enables independent disciplines a platform for expression; a common theme for the Montez and Mathew partnership. The experimentation and broadcasting of sound give enthusiasts, artists, and listeners a moment to exercise their ears through the radio medium.

Montez Press has independently choreographed a diverse group of topics, point of views, and themes to cultivate a community that lacks representation. Through ambient mics, recording gear, the conceptual idea of showcasing the making of radio through the medium of radio puts visitors in the radio environment while contributing real time when experienced at 46 Canal St. location.

Listening to the stream, you can find original rebroadcast works from Montez and their collaborators, specially created audio material from artists, partnering radio stations and live ‘In-Studio” events at the gallery.

So far, Montez has featured audio works by AQNB, a collective that champions a diverse range of experimental and emerging practices that resist classification, The Trans Oral History Project, a collective working to document transgender resistance and resilience in New York City, KCHUNG, a freeform AM radio station out of LA, and Berlin Community Radio which took over the station for 3 days with original studio works from their curators.

The ‘pop-up’ is running through August 19 and is open from 11a-11pm every day at 46 Canal St. above Labor Skate Shop. You most likely will have to call a number posted on the buzzer to come up and see the inner workings of a radio station, only because they are always ‘On-Air.’ The closing event is on August 18, so expect some craziness and be sure not to miss it.

Montez Press, a art book publishing house, is based out of New York, Hamburg, and London and was started in 2012.

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